3 Theme Park Treats You’ll Want to Try


Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Orlando, Florida

Herbie’s Drive-In at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is serving up these old campfire favorites in a new way. What may look like toasted ravioli at first glance is really                a dainty pocket filled with the luscious flavors of marshmallow and chocolate.          These s’mores are served warm so the only thing missing is the campfire.


Apple Fries

Legoland, Carlsbad, California

These fried apple slices are bathed in a sweet coat of cinnamon and sugar and             then topped with a dollop of vanilla whipped cream. Forget the rides — we’re        making a beeline for the only apple fries stand in the park!



King Size Shakes

Hersheypark, Hershey, Pensylvania

It would be inexcusable to visit Hersheypark “The Sweetest Place on Earth”                    and not indulge, so head right to Simply Chocolate & go big. More specifically,                  go King Size.  The 32-ounce King Size Shakes are available in Hershey’s, Reese’s.            and Kisses & are delicious in themselves. But it’s the toppings (slices of peanut           butter pie, sprinkles, pretzel rods, Reese’s Pieces, mini Reese’s Cups) that put               them breathtakingly over the edge.


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