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Most people would like to travel more, but they don’t know how to save for it. When money is tight, finding ways to save can definitely be a challenge. Fortunately, “challenging” does not mean “impossible.” You just have to think creatively and be willing to make some changes. Here are some creative ideas on how to save for your next vacation.

  • Open a vacation savings account & set up automatic payments from your regular account. Some banks will even round up your purchases and put the extra into your savings account
  • Dine in or pack a lunch more often & cut back on your monthly food budget
  • Sell your clutter and make cash with a garage sale or sell online on
  • Switch to a credit card that give you air miles or point towards travel
  • Cut out or put on hold any monthly subscription plans
  • Eat out of your pantry or go on a diet for 1 week a month & save on grocery costs
  • Cut your energy costs by using energy less during peak times
  • Turn off lights when not needed
  • Don’t fall asleep with TV on & set timer to shut off
  • Downgrade your cable, phone or internet, can always switch back later
  • Break bad habits or at least cut them in half
  • Cut down on car use & walk, bike, carpool or ride the bus
  • Cut down on entertainment expenses & go out less
  • Shop grocery store flyers, collect points for discounts & use coupons
  • Switch to generic store brands and save (don’t like it you can always switch back)
  • Never go to grocery store hungry & always go with a list to avoid impulse shopping
  • Pick up a side job or take surveys online & get paid
  • Skip your morning coffee run & add $2 a day to a vacation jar
  • Offer your services instead of buying gifts for friends and family
  • Avoid extra bank fees & only withdraw money directly from your bank’s ATM
  • Put half your tax refund in your vacation bank account
  • Sell your gold or silver jewellery to a reputable local agency, even if broken, as you’re selling it for scrap
  • Pamper yourself at home and save by skipping that monthly pedicure or facial
  • Take a time out when considering larger purchases. Ask yourself “is it a want or need?”. Often you will realize you don’t need it & save!
  • Put $5 or 10 into your travel jar each time you cheat on your diet
  • Exercise at home & skip the gym membership fee
  • Avoid bottled water, use your own reusable bottle & also reduce your carbon footprint
  • Take care of your things to lengthen their life & save by not having to replace more often

When you have a vacation goal, it is easy to adjust your spending habits for a short time to achieve what you want. The reward is worth it! There are many more ways to save so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

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