Niagara Falls

Short Trip Getaway in Ontario

With having a busy schedule, sometimes it is hard to get away for a long time. This is where a short local travel trip is in order. You need the getaway from the every day, the every week,…the every month of the same old routine. Here are a few photos of our little 2 day getaway to Niagara Falls. – Adelka Molcan

wine tasting in Niagara


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San Diego Zoo


Being lovers of all animals, we like to see the local zoos wherever we travel. Our furry and feathery friends never disappoint and we like to see if they look happy and are well taken care of. We included the San Diego Zoo on our travels last summer and I must say, in my opinion it’s the best zoo I’ve seen in North America! The animals had lots of land and it was so beautifully reconstructed to look like their natural habitat. There was lots of walking, a fun Skyfari (air tram), a nice glass of local beer and lots of popcorn refills. For a family trip or for any animal enthusiast, this is the perfect zoo. by Adelka Molcan

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Sea lions on the beach at San Jolla Cove in San Diego

La Jolla Cove, San Diego

For all animal lovers out there, this is the perfect place to go and surround yourself with seals and sea lions. My sister and I travelled out there with the kids and we all loved it. Right at sunset was perfect for photos and the up close and adorable encounters with the wild life was price less. Enjoy La Jolla Cove’s waters for snorkelling and scuba diving as well.

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